Contact: Marie 087 4637758

Entry Fee: €4. Prizes: 1st €20, 2nd  €10.

Exhibitors: Closing Date for Entries, Strictly Wednesday 16th August. For planning and space reasons, no Late Entries can be taken on the Day .

Strictly No exhibits shall be removed from the tent before 4 pm. Prize money for all Classes in this section will be paid out after 4.00 pm. on production of exhibit card & prize ticket. All prize money must be collected on show day. Claims will NOT be dealt with after Show Day.

Closing Time for Receipt of Exhibits 10.00 am. sharp. Adjudication begins at 10.15 am. All exhibits are displayed at Exhibitors Own Risk.

Exhibitors wishing to sell Produce should ensure they have For Sale Tickets (available from Secretariat).

CLASS 148            Best five potatoes for table use,round
CLASS 149            Best five Potatoes for table use,kidney
CLASS 150            Best two Turnips
CLASS 151            Best two heads cabbage,pointed
CLASS 152            Best  two parsnips
CLASS 153            Best two carrots
CLASS 154            Best two beetroots
CLASS 155            Best five pods garden peas
CLASS 156            Best five onions grown from sets
CLASS 157            Best collection of three DIFFERENT home grown vegetables
CLASS 158            Best unusual shaped fruit or vegetable with the most suitable title
CLASS 159             Best bale of fresh hay
CLASS 160            Best bale of fresh straw
CLASS 161            Best sheaf of Barley
CLASS 162            Best sheaf of wheat
CLASS 163            Best four sods of turf


Class 164                Best 6 Brown or Tinted eggs
Class 165.               Best 6 White Eggs
Class 166.               Best 6 Duck Eggs


CLASS 167            Best floral arrangement suitable for a coffee table
CLASS 168            Best arrangement of cut flowers to include annuals,biennials and herbaceous
CLASS 169            Best potted plant in bloom
CLASS 170            Rose of the show-single bloom in vase
CLASS 171            Best five sweet peas-mixed or single colors
CLASS 172            Best 6 pansies -mixed colors
CLASS 173            Best arrangement of wild flowers in a suitable container
CLASS 174            Best vase arrangement using fruit
CLASS 175            Best buttonhole or corsage