Contact: Marie 087 4637758

Entry Fee: €4. Prizes: 1st €20, 2nd  €10. Unless stated otherwise.

Exhibitors: Closing Date for Entries, Strictly Wednesday 16th August. For planning and space reasons, no Late Entries can be taken on the Day .

Strictly No exhibits shall be removed from the tent before 4 pm. Prize money for all Classes in this section will be paid out after 4.00 pm. on production of exhibit card & prize ticket. All prize money must be collected on show day. Claims will NOT be dealt with after Show Day.

Closing Time for Receipt of Exhibits 10.00 am. sharp. Adjudication begins at 10.15 am. All exhibits are displayed at Exhibitors Own Risk.

Exhibitors wishing to sell Produce should ensure they have For Sale Tickets (available from Secretariat).



CLASS 176            Best 6 plain queen cakes

CLASS 177            Best 6 plain cookies

CLASS 178            Best 6 brownies

CLASS 179            Best 6 rice krispie buns-not decorated

CLASS 180            Best biscuit cake -not decorated

CLASS 181            Best 6 flapjacks -not decorated



CLASS 182            Best fruit crumble

CLASS 183            Best 6 fruit scones using a raising agent

CLASS 184            Best 6 brownies

CLASS 185            Best inviting/economical 3 course menu for 4 ,using local ingredients

CLASS 186            Best 6 cupcakes ,decorated

CLASS 187            Best 6 cookies,decorated

CLASS 188            Best birthday cake,decorated,using a maderia mixture


CLASS 189            Best brown soda bread

CLASS 190            Best white soda bread

CLASS 191            Best boiled fruitcake

CLASS 192            Best carrot cake

CLASS 193            Best 6 fruit scones,using a raising agent

CLASS 194            Best fruit crumble

CLASS 195            Best light fruitcake

CLASS 196            Best 6  profiteroles/chocolate eclairs

CLASS 197            Best lemon drizzle cake

CLASS 198            Best 6 white scones ,using a raising agent

CLASS 199            Best  swiss roll

CLASS 200            Best banana bread

CLASS 201            Best tea brack


CLASS 202            Best pot of  apple jelly

CLASS 203            Best pot of gooseberry jam

CLASS 204            Best pot of lemon/lime /orange curd

CLASS 205            Best pot of marmalade

CLASS 206            Best pot of raspberry jam

CLASS 207            Best pot of rhubarb jam

CLASS 208            Best pot of jam,not included above

CLASS 209            Best pot of chutney,savoury

1st Prize: €30 + 2 hour session with Molloy’s cake decorator

2nd Prize: €20 + 2 hour session with Molloy’s cake decorator + Cake decorating accessories

3rd Prize €10 + 2 hour session with Molloy’s cake decorator  + Cake decorating accessories

To enter for the Junior Baker Award competitors must:

  1. have an entry in each of the Classes 186, 187 and 188
  2. indicate they wish to enter for this Award on entry form

The Exhibit Cards for each entry in the classes above should be marked with an asterisk, indicating that the Exhibitor has 1. entries in each class and 2. has nominated to participate in the Junior Baker Class.

Entry Fee €101st Prize : €100.00.

Contestants must adhere to the specification below:

12 ozs Self Raising Flour, 8 oz. margarine, 8oz caster sugar, 6oz cherries, 3 large eggs
or 4 small, half teaspoon of baking powder.

Cut cherries in four;  cream margarine and sugar;   Add eggs and flour alternatively;   Add cherries;  Bake 325F, 160C, Gas Mark 3, for one and a half hours approx. in 8” cake tin.

Recipe must be strictly adhered to.

The Irish Shows Association & Moate Show Society Present  The Easterlicious Cook of the Year  Qualifier  to Moate Show Sunday 27th August 2017

Sponsored by: J & M Digan Spar Express, Athlone Road Moat

  1. Each exhibitor will bake/make 3 items (a)Orange Sponge Sandwich Cake (b)Cake (1lb Loaf Tin size) (c) Decorated Cup Cakes
  2. The items are to be displayed as one exhibition on a base of  2ft x 2ft approx
  3. Points will be awarded for texture, taste and presentation suitable for afternoon tea.
  4. Competition is open to amateurs male/female and one tray to  qualify per exhibitor
  5. All items to be home made by the Exhibitor
  6. Judges decision is final
  7. Items are displayed at owners risk.

Prizes for the final: 1st €300 – 2nd €200 – 3rd €100 – 4th €60 – 5th €50 – 6th 40

Entry Fee: To qualifying show €3.00, To final €6.00

Virginia Agricultural Show Society present A Pastry Food Tray Competition. Final will be held at Virginia Show on Wednesday 24th  August, 2017

Prize Fund €400. 

Sponsored by the Riverfront Bar & Restaurant, Virginia

Rules & Conditions

  1. Each entry is to consist of 3 items made from any of the following pastries (a) Shortcrust (b) Choux Pastry, (c) Flaky Pastry and (d) Puff Pastry; 1 Pastry Dish to be a savoury dish.
  2. Entries to be displayed on a tray measuring not more than 20 inches by 20 inches.
  3. Points will be awarded for taste, texture and appearance of the entries
  4. The entry must be the work of the Exhibitor who is amateur and must be fresh and home baked.
  5. Two entries may qualify from each show that has a qualifying class.
  6. The judges decisions at all levels of the competition will be final.
  7. All entries are shown at the owners risk.

Entry fee: to qualifying show: €3, to the final €6.  Prizes: 1st €150, 2nd €100, 3rd €75, 4th €50, 5th €25

Contact: Marie  087 463 7758

Exhibitors: Closing Time for Receipt of Entries 10.00a.m. Sharp. Adjudication begins at 10.15am

Exhibitors wishing to sell Produce should ensure they have For Sale Tickets (available from Secretariat)


Strictly No exhibits shall be removed from the tent before 4pm

Prize money for all Classes in this section will be paid out after 4.00p.m. on production of  exhibit card & prize ticket

All prize money must be collected on show day (Claims will NOT be dealt with after Show Day)

Prizes in All Classes 1st : €10, 2nd : €5 , unless otherwise stated.

Entry Fee for each class –  Adults:  €4, Children:  €2

All Exhibits  are displayed at Exhibitors Own Risk.


CLASS 210           Best hand knitted item

CLASS 211           Best handmade item suitable as a birthday present for your friend

CLASS 212           Best hairband made from any medium

CLASS 213           Best recycled item

CLASS 214           Best homemade jewellery


CLASS 215           Best knitted item

CLASS 216           Best crochet item

CLASS 217           Best birthday card suitable for a friend

CLASS 218           Best hand sewn item


CLASS 219           Best hand knit adult  garment

CLASS 220           Best hand knit childs garment

CLASS 221           Best crochet item-adults

CLASS 222           Best crochet item-childs

CLASS 223           Best decoupage item

CLASS 224           Best knitted/crochet toy

CLASS 225           Best small item in stained glass

CLASS 226           Best novelty tea cosy

CLASS 227           Best hand sewn patchwork item

CLASS 228           Best homemade item of jewellery

CLASS 229           Best handmade cushion

CLASS 230           Best item suitable for sale to a Roscommon tourist

CLASS 231           Best handmade seasonal item eg Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.